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Securely shorten and manage links at scale

Whether you want to generate links for your app, website, store, or social media, you can do it with Returnam. We believe in simplicity, and our APIs are powerful and ready to scale with you.

Integrate seamlessly with your apps

Need to create links at scale? We got you covered. Whether you need 100 links or 1000s, our open and flexible API makes it simple and seamless.

Get link analytics

Measure your link's progress and engagement with real-time information and statistics available in just a few simple API calls, or using our powerful dashboard.

Edit your links anytime

Real-time link editing takes the risk out of publishing. Publish now and change where it points later. Destination URLs can be modified anytime.

Get more clicks with custom slugs

Make your links even more powerful. Our APIs and dashboard allows you to customize your links by choosing the slug, making your links more recognizable across channels.

Choose your link's domain

Coming soon, you'll be able to add your own custom domain. In the meantime, you'll be able to use choose from one of our 4 domains when creating links with your account, including our main domain

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